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Electrical Service 

Long-lasting electrical solutions for your business.

MepCo provides in depth experience in electrical engineering for a variety of applications ranging from civil, industrial and architectural projects. Our approach is to provide safe, reliable, flexible and cost effective designs.

Our electrical system division has served a variety of commercial and industrial projects, including office buildings, hospitals, retirement complexes, and manufacturing facilities. We provide services for fire alarm systems, nurse call, emergency lighting, and rescue assistance systems.

Our electrical system design services are designed to create systems that are aligned with your goals. We will ensure that your power system is:


A dated or improperly installed electrical system is more than just an inconvenience. Electrical hazards pose a serious risk to both your property and personnel. Our team is able to examine current electrical systems and identify any safety issues, and develop new systems that are designed with safety considerations in mind.


Weaknesses in your building’s electrical system design can result in equipment failure and lost productivity. Our team can pinpoint what underlying issues may be causing interruption or failure, and develop solutions that improve reliability.


In older facilities, dated electrical systems can be a major headache. A system that was designed decades ago is generally not able to meet the needs of today’s systems and technology. We’ll make sure your electrical system is able to meet user demands.

Our electrical system division has served a variety of commercial and industrial projects, including:

Engineering services, Design and implementation, Drafting, layouts, submittals and installation drawing, Branch Circuit Layouts, TVSS (Surge suppression system design and installations) UPS (Uninterruptible Power System design and installation), Lightning protection, Emergency Backup power generation systems, Automatic Power, MCC (Motor Control Centers) Installations, LightingControl System design, concept and installation, Fibre Optic Installations, Underground High Voltage Installations.

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